ADERIA Message "Be Happy" Glass Tumbler 日本ADERIA “Be Happy” 平底玻璃杯 360ml

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ADERIA Message "Be Happy" Glass Tumbler

Thin glass that sends a special message, which also makes a great gift. 
The rounded shape goes well with wine as well as juice and tea, so you can enjoy a variety of drinks.

Body size: The largest diameter is about 8 (diameter 5.9) × height 10.7 cm.
Material:  glass
Capacity: 360ml
*Gift box included

日本ADERIA “Be Happy” 平底玻璃杯

圆润的形状适合搭配葡萄酒、果汁和茶. 您可以用来享用各种饮品。

  • 主体尺寸:*大直径约8(口径5.9)×高10.7厘米。
  • 材料、材质:钠玻璃
  • 容量:360毫升
  • 含包装盒



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