AIDA Cosmetic 艾朵蕊斯

AIDA Cosmetic Glutathione Brightening Mask Toning Effect 4pcs/box 艾朵蕊斯 谷胱甘肽亮白爽肤面膜 4片/盒


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AIDA Cosmetic Glutathione Brightening Mask Toning Effect

One mask = 19 bottles of concentrated glutathione brightening ampoules! Create radiant skin like professional care. Intensive brightening treatment. Brightens dull, lifeless skin. Use high-concentration 100% pharmaceutical raw materials. Self-developed "Quadra Action" 4-layer brightening lotion, base cream, spot lightening, anti-oxidation care. It fits closely to the curves of the face, provides deep moisture, and the nutrients make the skin clear and bright.

  • Instant Antioxidant
    • Glutathione 100,000PPM
  • All-Day Moisturizing and Luminous
    • Patented Cream Coating Technology
  • Concentrated 19 bottles of whitening ampoules to penetrate the skin
  • Improves skin tone and blemishes Quadruple brightening ingredients

How to Use

  1. After washing your face, wipe with toner.
  2. Open the product pouch and remove the film attached to the mask.
  3. After aligning it with the center of your eyes and mouth, attach it to your face.
  4. After 30 minutes, remove it.
  5. After removing the mask, apply ampoule or cream.

*Made in Korean

艾朵蕊斯 谷胱甘肽亮白爽肤面膜

一张面膜=19瓶浓缩谷胱甘肽亮白安瓶!打造专业护理般的光彩肌肤。强效亮白护理。提亮暗沉无生气肌肤。选用高浓度100%医药极原料。自主研发“Quadra Action“ 4层亮白乳液,底霜,淡斑,抗氧化护理。紧贴面部曲线,提供深层滋润,营养成分令肌肤清透透亮。

  • 即时抗氧化谷
    • 胱甘肽 100,000PPM
  • 全天保湿发光
    • 专利霜涂层技术
  • 浓缩19瓶
    • 美白安瓶透透肌肤
  • 改善肤色和瑕疵四重亮白成分


  1. 洗完脸后,用爽肤水擦拭。
  2. 打开产品袋,撕下贴在面膜上的薄膜。
  3. 将其对准眼睛和嘴巴的中心后,将其贴在脸上。
  4. 30 分钟后,将其取出。
  5. 取下面膜后,涂抹安瓶或面霜。



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