Akaran moisture lotion (toner) 150mL

By supporting the creation of new collagen, hyaluronic acid. Moisture will last. Four hyaluronic acids accumulate plenty of moisture in the stratum corneum to increase the moisture content of the skin. It leads to your skin with plenty of texture. 9 additives (fragrance, coloring, parabens, surfactant, silicon, ethanol, mineral oil, old labeling designated ingredients) not added. Mixed a rare Edelweiss extract. Yuzu extract which tightens the skin, arranges the texture and guides it to the skin of the ladle. Aloe extract and Okinawa mozuku extract keeping your skin feeling fresh with the moisturizing effect. For measures against ultraviolet rays and skin troubles Kakkonkisu and Chlorea extract such as mixed moisturizing and beauty ingredients well balanced.

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