Albion Eclafutur D 日本奥尔滨 奇肌修復露 D 40ml


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Albion Eclafutur D

Instantly repairs the damage cells sustain on a daily basis. This cell repairing serum restores every function of the cells and restores the skin to a beautiful condition.

Quick and direct delivery of active ingredients to the core of beautiful skin - Nanocesta EX is a proprietary ingredient developed by ALBION to efficiently deliver select botanical extracts to inside the skin.

How to Use

After cleansing, apply 2-3 pumps of Eclafutur D evenly across the face then gently massage into the skin. Follow with balancing milk and the rest of your skincare regimen. Use daily.


日本奥尔滨 奇肌修復露

立即修复细胞日常受到的损伤。 这款细胞修复精华液可恢复细胞的各项功能,使肌肤恢复美丽状态。

快速、直接地将活性成分输送到美丽肌肤的核心 - Nanocesta EX 是奥尔滨开发的专有成分,可有效地将精选植物提取物输送到皮肤内部。


    洁面后,按压 2-3 泵 Eclafutur D 均匀涂抹于面部,然后轻轻按摩至肌肤。 随后使用平衡乳和其他护肤方案。 每日使用。



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