ALBION Eclafutur (Serum) 40ml 奇肌修復露


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Quickly repairs damaged cells suffer on a daily basis. Use this cell repairing serum at the beginning of your beauty regimen.

Nanocesta BL, which has superb cell-repairing and skin-penetrating properties, quickly spreads across the skin and instantly repairs damaged cells. Eclafutur restores the respective functions of individual cells and makes the skin healthy and beautiful. Used at the beginning of your skincare routine, it quickly enhances the condition of skin cells to an optimal level and prepares the skin to derive the most benefits from the skincare products used in the following step.

奇蹟從肌底源生! 開啟即刻有感美麗奇肌光 獨創「奈米超微傳送」科技, 更迅速傳導成份滲透肌膚。

洗臉後第一步的修復精華,直擊問題核心,由肌膚之源再造美肌。 全新升級「奈米超微傳送EX」修復活化成分,能更快速、更有效地滲透到肌底,標靶式定位模式能精準建立傳導系統,進行每日的肌膚修補,再從活化、營養、水潤等層面,支援、維持肌膚的正常運作,在洗臉後幫助瞬效調節至最佳狀態,從源頭復育出健康美肌!


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