Albion Elegance La Poudre Haute Nuance Face Powder #1 8.8g/1pc 雅莉格丝欢颜蜜粉饼 #1 8.8g/1pc


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Product features:

Unrivaled Clarity and Brightness + Excellent Staying Power + Reliable Pore and Textured Skin Coverage + Silky and Smooth Finish

  • Morning Makeup: Leaves the skin feeling light and soft after application.
    For a clear finish.
  • Retouching makeup during the day: Keeps makeup clear and fresh.
    Provides good coverage & smooth finish.



  • 平衡水油,柔嫩肌肤
  • 防晒遮瑕,控油防汗一步到位
  • 有效防护紫外线的同时,富含黄酮类化合物,起到水润保湿且抵御衰老的作用



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