ALBIOn Exage Extra Moist Eyes (Eye Cream) 清新活润水凝眼霜


Intensively moisturizes the eye area to make it bright and supple.

Intensively replenishes the skin with rich moisture, while restoring the skin's barrier function to plump up the eye area. It also promotes blood circulation and cell revitalization to brighten up the eye area.


1. 温柔包裹眼部肌肤,集中补充丰沛滋养。回复屏障机能的同时,令干燥的眼部肌肤重拾饱满。
2. 屏障保护膜能紧密贴合动作频繁的眼部肌肤,持续提供滋润。
3. 能促进血液循环和细胞活性,塑造由内而外的明亮眼眸。


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