ALBION EXCIA EMBEAGE EXTRA MILK 200G 日本澳尔滨雅思臻璨晶钻渗透乳 200g


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Product Feature:

Luxuriously rich Balancing Milk renews the dermis and epidermis, instantly rejuvenating the skin to restore youthful looking firmness and elasticity from within.

EMBEAGE Extra Milk creates youthful appearance - skin that springs back with new bounce, restoring elasticity and firmness from within. This emulsion rejuvenates the skin by intensively hydrating to promote the renewal of the dermis and epidermis. It also powerfully nourishes and hydrates to achieve resilient skin that can withstand aging factors.​​

For youthful looking skin at any age.

The EXCIA EMBEAGE line harnesses the astonishing power of botanicals from Madagascar to revitalize cells and support renewed, glowing, resilient skin.

Formulated with carefully selected cosmetic active ingredients from Madagascar (centella asiatica extract, perichlaena richardii extract, white ginger lily) to powerfully nourish, hydrate, and help regenerate the dermis resulting in revitalized and renewed, glowing, resilient skin.

How to Use:

EXCIA EMBEAGE Extra Milk is part of step 2 of the ALBION skincare ritual. After cleansing, take three pumps onto a cotton pad, distribute across the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Using the cotton, massage product into entire face.




将所有细胞转化成超活性不老細胞,令肌肤重焕新生。无与伦比的醇厚质地,快速深透渗入肌底, 注入源源不断生命力,肌肤年轻再现,紧实饱满,宛如初生。





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