Albion Exia Ambeage Adicid Serum 日本奥尔滨 雅思臻颜激活细胞再生精华 40ml


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Albion Albion Exia Ambeage Adicid Serum

This age-defying serum helps soften and revitalize the skin for a super-smooth, youthful-looking complexion. Our innovative formula is packed with powerhouse ingredients to help boost your radiance while deeply hydrating the skin.

One-of-a-kind Phyto Acid complex is composed of three potent acids—Phytic acid, Ferulic acid, and Succinic acid—that work together to help remove harmful matter from skin cells and rejuvenate your complexion. The result is noticeably smoother and revitalized skin. EXCIA EMBEAGE Adicid Serum’s richly hydrating formula permeates the skin to keep you looking refreshed.

How to Use

After applying your essence or lotion, apply 2-3 pumps of EXCIA EMBEAGE Adicid Serum evenly across the face then gently press into the skin.


日本奥尔滨 雅思臻颜激活细胞再生精华

即时焕发年轻光芒的美肌魔药,瞬即令肌肤焕发活力光采。 与肌肤的细胞重生周期相协调,对抗衰老,使所有细胞保持活力与弹性。

3种植物酸直接于细胞周期的3个关键阶段发挥功效,促进肌肤持续再生不老活性细胞。 持续使用可使肌肤保持年轻活力。 丰富的保湿配方瞬间均匀渗透肌肤,就像被吸入皮肤一样,立即带来明显的改善,焕发年轻光采与光滑细腻的肌肤 。


    按需要使用。 面霜或精华液前使用。



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