ALBION Exia Embeage Creme Parfait 日本澳尔滨 雅思臻颜激活细胞高效再生面霜 30g


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ALBION Exia Embeage Creme Parfait

Treat yourself with EXCIA EMBEAGE Cream Parfait, a luxurious moisturizing cream infused with our signature blend of high-performance ingredients. Designed to aid in hydration, this cream helps to revitalize and uplift the skin’s appearance, making it feel softer, more supple, and visibly radiant. Embeage, a blend of French “embellir” and “sage,” translates to ‘beauty sage’ — a testament to our commitment to timeless beauty.

How to Use:

After applying lotion, take a soybean-sized amount (approximately 0.3g) with the included spatula, apply it to 5 areas on the face (forehead, both cheeks, nose, and chin), and then apply it thoroughly over the entire face.


日本澳尔滨 雅思臻颜激活细胞高效再生面霜

使用雅思臻颜激活细胞高效再生面犒劳自己,这是一款奢华的保湿霜,融合了我们标志性的高性能成分混合物。这款面霜旨在帮助补水,有助于恢复和提升皮肤外观,使皮肤感觉更柔软、更水嫩、更容光焕发。 Embeage 是法语“embellir”和“sage”的混合词,意为“美容鼠尾草”——这是我们对永恒美丽的承诺的证明。


涂抹乳液后,用附带的抹刀取大豆大小的量(约 0.3 克),涂抹在脸部的 5 个部位(前额、双颊、鼻子和下巴),然后彻底涂抹在整个脸上。



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