Kanebo Allie Nuance Change UV Gel 02 Rose Chaire (2020 Edition) 60g 佳丽宝 ALLIE防晒霜 粉色混油皮款(2020限定款)



  • Tone-up with high-intensity pearl
  • UV-cut gel that changes the skin impression with a bright, reddish-colored rose-colored shiny finish
  • Make-up effect with high-intensity pearl
  • Sunscreen gel for face / body SPF50 + / PA ++++
  • Tone Up pearl combination
  • Super friction proof
  • Super waterproof
  • Serum ingredient (moisturizing) formulation Hyaluronic acid
  • Easy to remove with facial cleanser and body soap.
  • Cosmetic foundation effect
  • Paraben-free
  • Scent-adjusting technology that makes it hard to feel the smell of sweat


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