Kanebo Allie Nuance Change UV Gel 03 Cherry Blossom (2020 Edition) 60g 佳丽宝 ALLIE防晒霜 樱花2020限定款


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Allie Nuance Change UV Gel PK / UV Sunblock / Brand: ALLIE

Toned up with high-intensity pearls for a bright, ruddy, glossy skin finish. UV cut gel that changes skin impression.

  • Protects skin from damages of UV rays.
  • The faint cherry scent wrapped in gentleness.
  • Contains tone-up pearl.
  • Makeup base effect.
  • Super friction proof, Super water proof
  • SPF50 + ・ PA ++++
  • Essence component (moisturizing) formulation. Hyaluronic acid
  • Paraben free.
  • Can be removed with the usual facial cleanser and body soap.
  • Scenting technology that makes it hard to feel the smell of sweat. 


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