Amino Mason

Amino Mason Whip Cream Smooth Shampoo 2nd Recipe 450ml 氨基研 升级氨头皮护理柔顺洗发水 450ml


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Non-silicon shampoo that foams up like whipped cream gently cleanses scalp and hair with botanical amino acids. Amino acids which are key components of the hair repairs damages and balances moisture level. Definitely a next level hair care.

Botanical amino acid-based surfactant and botanical cleansing ingredients froth up just like whipped cream to protect hair from friction caused during shampooing while gently washing off dirt and oil. Scalp is cleansed and hydrated.

Silicon free, sulfate free, petroleum surfactant free, alcohol free, coloring free, mineral oil free, paraben free, talc free 

Scent of Peony Rose 

Recommended for: Normal to dry & damaged hair.
Scalp: Normal to dry

The 2020 new  Amino Mason is the second recipe, packed with upgraded ingredients.



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