aminoRESQ Amino Acid Care Shampoo(Moist&Damage) 日本aminoRESQ 氨基酸 修护保湿控油 洗发水 400ml

  • AMINORESQ Shampoo creates a rich, bouncy lather full of amino-based cleansers, which gently remove excess oil and impurities from the scalp and follicles, while 6 different natural oils repair damaged hair. 8 different amino acids protect the hair, creating healthy skin to grow beautiful hair.
  • How to use
  • After wet the entire hair, washed with lather and rub an appropriate amount, then, please rinse thoroughly.
  • 泡沫丰富,温和洗去头皮多余皮脂和污垢
  • 天然的护理成分,让毛发焕发光彩
  • 8种氨基酸滋养头皮
  • 头皮更健康,秀发更闪亮

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