aminoRESQ Amino Acid Care Treatment(Moist&Damage) 日本aminoRESQ 氨基酸 修护保湿控油 护发素 400ml

  • AMINORESQ Hair Conditioner is an award winning conditioner in Japan. It is formulated with amino acid that is close to the component of your skin and hair allowing it to work effectively. Made with natural ingredients with no artificial oil. This conditioner is salon quality and can leave your shinier and healthier.
  • How to use
  • After shampooing, take an adequate amount and spread it all over your hair. Let it absorb for a minute or two then rinse thoroughly.
  • 渗透型角质强韧秀发
  • 滋养液的天然成分充分包裹
  • 氨基酸角质层覆盖秀发表面,呈现诱人光泽

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