AMPLEUR Luxury White Emulsion Gel Ex 50G


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New formula. With a moisture-retaining mask effect and a formula that improves elasticity, this gel promotes even more supple, radiant, luminous skin. It keeps plenty of moisture in the skin, creating bright, lovely skin with every use.

'Japan's Lady of Eternal Youth' Masako Mizutani's favorite skin-care cream.

Masako Mizutani

Her age-defying looks have become a sensation in Japan, especially on TV. She’s being called ‘Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth’
She has become a sensation in China, as well. Her youthful-looking pictures have made the rounds on several Chinese blogs, resulting in a huge following.

She has introduced our AMPLEUR Luxury White Emulsion-Gel EX in her beauty method book, as one of her favorite item.

AMPLEUR Luxury White Emulsion-Gel EX
Infuses beauty essences into your skin to saturate cells with vitality.
Vitamin C A B6 E, coenzyme Q10, placenta essence, brightening essence and others will revitalize and moisturize your skin.

Rich but non-greasy, it spreads smoothly across your face.

After using lotion or serum, dispense an appropriate amount (slightly more than an average pearl-size amount) and gently massage into your entire face from the center to the periphery. Add a little extra to your worrisome dry areas.


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