AMPLEUR Luxury White W Protect UV+ 日本AMPLEUR 焕白亮肤三效防晒乳 SPF 50+PA++++ 30g


AMPLEUR Luxury White W Protect UV+

High functioning sunscreen not only has the domestic highest level of ultraviolet cutting effect but also supports air pollution and blue light countermeasures.

Fit smoothly to the skin with a stress-free comfort, thoroughly block the causes of skin aging which is falling daytime.

Protect youthful bare skin.

SPF 50 + / PA ++++

How to Use 

In the morning, take an appropriate amount (about two pearls) at the end of the skin care, extend the whole face evenly. 

It can also be used for neck and back of the hand. 

Please refresh frequently when you sweat or after wiping your skin with a towel.


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