Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk N Trial Set 60ml+6ml 日本安耐晒限定组合装 金管防晒乳液60ml+日用防晒护肤精华6ml


Product Feature:
A Japanese sun care expert brand established in 1992. Going beyond sunscreen, ANESSA helps people lead healthy, active, fun-filled, beautiful lives under the sun. ANESSA’s suite of products is based on formulas that utilize powerful UV-blocking technology and 50% skincare ingredients that defend skin against UV rays in any environment.

The UV blocking coating is strengthened by sweat, water, heat, and moisture in the air. Ingredients for skin care account for 50% of the total. Skin with a transparent appearance. Soap can be used to remove it. The product is abrasion-resistant, and extremely waterproof. It turns sunlight into light with a beautiful look while shielding UV radiation. His day serum limited set keeps you tight and moisturized with double care.

How to Use:

Before usage, give it a good shake. Take appropriate quantity and gently apply it to your face after your daytime skincare regimen.







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