Anessa×Pokémon PIKACHU Limited Edition Perfect UV Skincare Milk Sunscreen Emulsion SPF50+/PA++++ 60ml 安耐晒×神奇宝贝联名 皮卡丘限定版 紫外线防护金钻防晒露


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The perfect partner. The greatest adventure.

The ANESSA×Pokemon collaboration was created

for both daily and outdoor activities.

Grab your perfect partner,

get out there and be free to shine.

  • 50% Skincare Ingredients
  • Easily removable with soap
  • Very Water Resistant – Water resistance proven by an 80-minute bathing test
  • Beautifying effect *Thanks to a radiant finish
  • Mask stuffiness resistant
  • Can be used as makeup primer
  • Refreshing fragrance of citrus soap

最强防晒 ,柔滑贴合、守护肌肤、


  • 50%的护肤成分
  • 用香皂就能轻松卸除
  • 已通过80分钟水浴测试确认耐水性的超级防水
  • Beauty Up效果*打造光感肌效果
  • 戴口罩也能不闷痘
  • 亦可用作底妆
  • 清爽的柑橘皂香




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