Shiseido Anessa Brightening UV Tone Up Sunscreen Gel 资生堂 安耐晒 美白润色隔离防晒霜 90g


Product Feature:
A Japanese sun care expert brand established in 1992. Going beyond sunscreen, ANESSA helps people lead healthy, active, fun-filled, beautiful lives under the sun. ANESSA’s suite of products is based on formulas that utilize powerful UV-blocking technology and 50% skincare ingredients that defend skin against UV rays in any environment.

Whitening using medicinal ingredients UV gel for skin whitening and hydration. It has medicinal whitening components and whitens your skin while protecting it from the sun's rays. It also has a tone-up effect that helps your skin seem gorgeous!
* Whitening means avoiding spots and freckles by inhibiting melanin synthesis.

How to Use:

Before usage, give it a good shake. Take appropriate quantity and gently apply it to your face after your daytime skincare regimen.







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