Anna Sui Curl & Volume Mascara


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Anna Sui's Curl & Volume Mascara is one of our best sellers and has a cult following. Get thick, voluminous lashes instantly. Each flat side of this brush has a different length to deposit the perfect amount of mascara.

  • Wide Side: Holds more mascara to instantly add volume with just one swipe 
  • Narrow Side: Brushes through lashes to separate and curl 

Use the tip of the brush or the narrow side to easily apply mascara to the lower lashes or reach the normally hard-to-reach lashes at the corners of the eyes. Two types of wire twist the brush hairs in multiple directions to ensure that every single lash is reached. 

Formulated with Lash Maximizer, this mascara intertwines with lashes for an instantly dramatic volumizing effect. The Volume-Up Powder lends a density to the formula for lashes that appear full and multiplied. The Volume-Up Smooth Polymer prevents stickiness so that each lash is separated for a beautifully fanned out finish. 

Water, sweat, and tears don't stand a chance against this waterproof formula that creates a beautiful, long-lasting finish.


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