ANNA SUI Limited Edition Dolly Head Color Case (Case Only) 安娜苏 限量版娃娃彩妆盒


Only 3 pieces in stock!

Fits one Eye & Face Color, Lip & Face Color or Lip Color! 

Anna's favorite treasure: a Dollyhead. Pick your dolly from our unique Sally, Marion or Bea.

Sally: Cabaret, Gorgeous, Red - Inspired by: Sally Boweles from Cabaret, performed by Liza Minelli. Anna's favorite dolly.

Marion: Luxurious, Antique, Yellow-Gold - Glamorous cream-colored skin and the curly hairstyle just like Marion Davis from the 1930s

Bea: Rock star, Spicy, Black, Blue - Blue skin with pirate eye patch is Bea's style. Her hairstyle was inspired by Louise Brooks from 1920s.

* Please Note : Color not included.


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