Anna Sui Loose Powder Mini (Refill Only) [200/300] 安娜苏 魔法柔润无瑕蜜粉 迷你款 (替换装) [200/300] 6g


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 Anna Sui Loose Powder Mini (Refill Only) 

**Mini Compact Case Sold Separately**

Pursuing an impregnable covering power that does not make you feel texture and pores
・Combined with an exquisite balance of 3 types of powder that blurs and covers skin unevenness such as texture and pores.
A powder that scatters light and blurs pores, a platy powder that blurs the shadows of the texture by reflecting light to make the skin look smooth, and a powder that covers the skin like a veil to blur and hide the unevenness of the skin. It gives the skin of the doll itself that does not make you feel the pores.

Color control effect for a toned-up skin tone
・By blending pearls that shine blue, it creates brightness and luster while correcting uneven skin tone and dullness.
The moment you put it on, it will give you a gorgeous and toned-up skin tone as if you were enchanted.
・Purple and pink color variations to create a tone-up skin tone. You can choose the color according to your desired skin impression.

Beautiful doll skin that lasts forever
・The long-lasting powder absorbs excess sebum, keeping the freshly applied uniform veil.
Even after a long time, the beautiful finish without base make-up smudging or discoloration continues.

Rosa canina fruit extract - moisturizer.
Rosa canina fruit oil-emollient
Prunus Persica (Peach) Horn Oil - Emollient.
Macadamia Turnfolia Seed Oil - Emollient.
Camelia Japonica Seed Oil - Emollient.

200 Mystic Light Purple 

For a fleeting skin impression

300 Innocent Pure Pink 

For a soft skin impression

How to set the refill
-Use it by setting it in the special case (sold separately).
・ Carefully peel off the lid on the top of the container in the direction of the arrow, and set the net on top of it.
Please note that the powder may splatter at that time.

How to use
Take an appropriate amount on the special puff and apply evenly over the entire face.

*Made in Japan

安娜苏 魔法柔润无瑕蜜粉 迷你款 (替换装)


・结合 3 种粉末的绝妙平衡,模糊和遮盖皮肤不均匀,如纹理和毛孔。
一种散光并模糊毛孔的粉末,一种通过反射光线模糊纹理阴影以使皮肤看起来光滑的板状粉末,以及一种像面纱一样覆盖皮肤以模糊和隐藏皮肤不均匀性的粉末。 它赋予娃娃本身的皮肤,不会让你感觉到毛孔。

・紫色和粉红色的颜色变化,打造提亮肤色。 您可以根据您想要的皮肤印象选择颜色。


犬蔷薇果实提取物 - 保湿霜。
Prunus Persica(桃)角油 - 润肤剂。
澳洲坚果籽油 - 润肤剂。
山茶籽油 - 润肤剂。





- 搭配蔷薇魔法蜜粉盒使用(另售)。
・ 按照箭头方向小心地揭下容器顶部的盖子,然后将保护网放在上面。





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