Anna Sui Rose Face Powder 200 Purple 安娜苏 玫瑰花瓣蜜粉 200 淡紫色 7g

ANNA SUI Rose Face Powder 200

200: A clear, bright look with an elegant purple bouquet.

Charming and luxurious, the beautiful rose-shaped petals are wrapped in an elegant jar, made in Japan by renowned porcelain artist Seto Yaki.

Use the newest powder, "Fish Smooth Radiradi Skin," with rose-shaped petals that cover bumpy texture and pores, diffuse imperfections, and blend seamlessly into skin without feeling cakey. It absorbs excess sebum and provides a long-lasting, flawless finish with high coverage.

Mix light-diffusing pearls into the base formula to correct discoloration and dullness. The formula also contains skin-friendly amino acids that help improve the skin's overall tone. 

How to Use

Carefully add flour from refill container to porcelain pot before use. Take an appropriate amount on the brush and apply evenly to the entire face.

*Made inJapan

安娜苏 玫瑰花瓣蜜粉 200



使用最新的蜜粉,“Fish Smooth Radiradi Skin” 玫瑰形花瓣遮盖凹凸不平的质地和毛孔,弥散瑕疵,无缝融入肌肤,不会感到结块。它吸收多余的皮脂,提供持久无瑕的妆容和高遮盖力。






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