Anna Sui Rouge (400 Copper Red) 安娜苏 复刻蔷薇唇膏 (400 铜红) 3.5g


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Anna Sui Rouge

A tint type appears in a rouge that has a smooth feeling and beautiful color that makes you want to apply it over and over again.
A tint type that dyes in response to the moisture content of the lips. You can enjoy original colors that fit your personality.

 Beautiful color adheres tightly and maintains gloss and moisture.

A package with an object feeling like a perfume bottle.

Formulated with beauty ingredients
Oil-soluble rose extract (rosa canina fruit extract)
Rosehip oil (rosa canina fruit oil), peach kernel oil (peach kernel oil), macadamia nut oil (macadamia nut oil), camellia oil (camellia seed oil)

How to Use

Pull out about 0.5 cm, apply an appropriate amount directly or with a lip brush, and apply to the lips.

安娜苏 复刻蔷薇唇膏

以安娜苏经典香水瓶为灵感的最新唇膏,让涂抹唇膏变得有趣而神奇。 新的高色素融化技术只需轻轻一按,即可为您的双唇增添鲜艳的色彩和水分。


犬蔷薇果实提取物 - 保湿霜
犬蔷薇萃取油 - 润肤剂
Prunus persica(桃)仁油 - 润肤剂
澳洲坚果籽油 - 润肤剂
山茶籽油 - 润肤剂




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