Anna Sui Twinkling Eye Glitter (300 Pink Parade) 安娜苏 闪烁闪光眼影液 (300 粉红游行)


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Anna Sui Twinkling Eye Glitter

 Impact of colorful colors and sparkles

・Contains plenty of bright and pure glitter and pearls.
In addition, in order to maximize the brilliance of glitter and pearls, a clear liquid base is used to enjoy the glitter with a presence as you see it at the moment of application.

Carefully selected tip that is easy to apply lame pearl
・A flocky type chip that combines softness and suppleness and includes an even base.
It is easy to snuggle up to both the upper and lower eyelids, and has a slightly smaller shape that allows for small turns.

Glitter☆Kirakira☆ Forever
・Water-soluble film forming agent forms a flexible and moderately thick cosmetic film.
The base adheres tightly to the eyes with a lot of movement, so the freshly applied shine continues even after a long time.

Formulated with beauty ingredients
〈Moisturizing Ingredients〉Oil-soluble Novara Extract (Rosa Canina Fruit Extract)
〈Emollient ingredients〉Rosehip oil (rosa canina fruit oil), peach kernel oil (peach kernel oil), macadamia nut oil (macadamia nut oil), camellia oil (camellia seed oil)

How to Use

Take an appropriate amount and apply it to the eyelids. 

安娜苏 闪烁闪光眼影液






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