Apagard Premio Toothpaste Extra Mint 日本Apagard 多效微粒子亮白牙膏 薄荷款 100g


Apagard Premio Toothpaste Extra Mint

Sangi Apagard Premio Extra Mint is an anti-caries and restorative whitening toothpaste featuring re-mineralizing agent nano mHap and minimal or zero abrasives.

Sangi's unique active ingredient "medicinal hydroxyapatite" adsorbs and removes plaque, fills microscopic scratches on the surface of enamel to prevent colored stains, and replenishes the main component of melted teeth to provide minerals. Remineralized the defect (early plaque). These three actions prevent worm teeth. Apaguard keeps enamel healthy, leaving your teeth white and healthy. Renewed to a green package that emphasizes a clean feeling.

This premium Japanese toothpaste has a higher than standard nano mHAP content for greater whitening and caries prevention

It also contains a pearl ingredient, liquid conchiolin, for added luster, and gloss.

Extra mint flavour.

日本Apagard 多效微粒子亮白牙膏 薄荷款



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