Aqua label 水之印

Aqua label Self Barrier UV Milk SPF50+/PA++++ 45g 日本资生堂水之印保湿水感防晒霜 SPF50+/PA++++ 45g


Product Feature:

Aqualabel Self Barrier UV Milk protects the skin from UV rays and dryness, keeps the skin moisturized. SPF50 + / PA ++++ UV emulsion that repels UV damage while keeping the skin moisturized with the hot spring mineral component.

  • Moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup primer in one.
  • Supports healthy skin barrier.
  • Contains hot spring minerals. (Moisturizing / Smooth skin: Magnesium chloride)
  • The amount of UV protection agent is reduced by 30% compared to the previous product by using the original Crash Capsule technology without compromising the UV protection level.
  • Moisture lasts during the day and prevents dryness. Moisturising ingredients: camellia seed fermented extract GL, ashitaba extract GL.
  • No coloring, no fragrance, no alcohol
  • Part of plant-derived plastic is used for the container
  • Allergy tested, noncomedogenic.
  • Alcohol-free, with a texture that is fresh and does not burden the skin, realizes a smooth feel.

How to Use:

After skin care, take appropriates amount, and evenly apply to your face.








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