Argelan Moist Lipstick (Neroli & Bergamot) 日本Argelan 纯有机植物保湿滋润唇膏 (橙花&佛手柑) 4g


Argelan Moist Lipstick (Neroli & Bergamot)

A single swipe for plump lips. Organic moisturizing lip with a high concentration of plant oil and 100% natural ingredients

New blend of moisturizing dense plant oils such as apricot and kaya. Rich moisture formula that moisturizes and seals increases moisture density and prevents dry damage. Made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, it delivers smooth application and long-lasting rich moisture.

Refreshing and pleasant juicy citrus scent

*Made in Japan

日本Argelan 纯有机植物保湿滋润唇膏 (橙花&佛手柑)

只需轻轻一抹即可打造丰润双唇。 含有高浓度植物油和100%天然成分的有机保湿唇部

杏子和咖椰等保湿浓密植物油的新混合物。 丰富的保湿配方可滋润和密封,增加水分密度并防止干燥损伤。 它由 100% 天然成分制成,可提供顺滑的涂抹效果和持久的丰富水分。




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