Dr. Arrivo 宙斯

DR.ARRIVO Artistic&Co. Beaute PE Golden Beauty The Massage Gel 日本Dr. Arrivo宙斯美容仪 PE黄金提拉紧致按摩啫喱精华 500mg


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Artistic&Co. Beaute PE Golden Beauty The Massage Gel

Moisture veil seals the skin. Bring out the brightness and transparency.
About 90% or more of the whole is a luxurious water-soluble massage gel that is a serum component.
By adopting the original “Netveil manufacturing method”, you can make your skin transparent every time you use it.
An original prescription that focuses on moderate hardness and good elongation so that treatment can be performed easily.

Fullerene PVP Human oligopeptide-1 Human oligopeptide-13 Human oligopeptide-2 Human oligopeptide-14 Human oligopeptide-4 Apple fruit culture cell extract Somei Yoshino leaf extract Water-soluble proteoglycan acetyl hyaluronate Na


日本Dr. Arrivo宙斯美容仪 PE黄金提拉紧致按摩啫喱精华

- 瞬间延展,专为EMS模式打造,在家享受美容院按摩护理,重新定义肌肤护理。
- 诺贝尔获奖成分加持,高浓度奢华添加,深入保湿滋润肌肤,自发光芒元气光彩。
- 美容液做按摩:解决普通啫喱按摩时出现干燥屑末等问题
- 独特网纱工艺制法:紧密贴合肌肤,深入滋养,提高肌肤通透性

- 产品为EMS功能专用按摩啫喱。
- 洁面后,等面部干燥后均匀涂抹于整个面部。
- 再配合带有EMS功能的仪器使用。



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