Ashiura Ran Run

Ashiura Ran Run Horse Oil Foot Mask 30ml (1 pair) 日本MYM 马油去角质美容足膜 1对

“Sole Run Lan Express Express Horse Oil Formula 1” is a foot-type pack that can be cared for just by putting on the skin of the sole.
  • About 5 to 7 days after applying the lotion pack, the old keratin begins to take off naturally. 
  • After about two weeks, the old horny skin disappears and a soft and smooth bare foot appears. 
  • Use for 40 minutes as stated. 
  • 1 pair (2) = 27cm
  • Foot size: Up to 27cm 


How To Use: 

1. Use scissors to cut the mouth of the foot pack containing lotion.
* To prevent the lotion from spilling, cut it upright with the sole side facing down.
* Please use with the soles clean, such as after taking a bath.

2. Put your feet in the bag, and fasten the loose parts such as ankles with the attached tape and wait for 40 minutes.
* Make sure that your feet are on the floor and that the lotion is always in contact with the soles.
* If the lotion gets on the flooring, it may change color. Be sure to place your feet on a towel.

3. When the lotion pack is finished, wash your feet thoroughly with soap.
※ If you leave the lotion without washing it off, it may cause foot problems.
* Please wash away the lotion in the bathroom.


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