Fujifilm 富士

ASTALIFT D-UV Clear White Solution SPF 50+ PA++++ 30g


High Functional UV-Shielding essence with the highest UV protection in the ASTALIFT brand.

Containing a newly-developed UV protection complex "D-UV Guard+" that even blocks the longest wavelength of UVA1. The new "Stretch UV-Shield" formula coats the skin firmly and stretches / contracts according to facial movements, preventing cracks from forming on sunscreen applied to the skin and blocking UV penetration.

How to use: Apply evenly to face, paying special attention to bridge to nose or cheekbones somewhere easier to exposed to sunshine. Wash out with Cleansing foam or Gel

Made in Japan

新独家技术「D-UV Guard+」配方有效阻截最长波长紫外线UVA1,具延伸性的防晒可遮盖因表情及说话时面部活动而做成的防晒裂缝,避免紫外线从裂缝侵入肌肤。




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