Atsugi 厚木

ATSUGI Undershirt For Women 8/10 Sleeve Black 140D [2 Sizes] 日本厚木 8分袖塑身保暖弹力打底衣


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ATSUGI Quality Undershirt for All Women: 

  • Fit the shape of your body perfectly 
  • The stress-free undershirt made from stretch fabric
  • Beautiful-looking shirts with no seam on the side 
  • Because there is no seam on the side, it is neat and clean. 
  • From Atsugi, 140 denier extra thick type made in Japan warm or inner appeared. Because it is excellent in elasticity, it is comfortable to wear.
  • It is a perfect fit like tights, so it is recommended because it is easy to move.
  • 8/10 Sleeve
  • Color: Black

Sizes to choose from: 

  • M: Bust 31-34.3inches
  • L: Bust 33.9-37inches 

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