AVANCE Shake Mist [2 Types] 100ML 日本AVANCE SHAKE美容液定妆保湿喷雾 (清爽型/保湿型)


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This two-layer mist consists of oil and serum. The beauty mist helps to keep makeup excellently and hydrates skin all day.  Can be used as a setting spray after makeup and it can be used as a short skin care item before makeup.


A two-layered oil mist with a water serum that moisturizes the skin and an oil that holds moisture firmly on the skin. Protects the skin from harsh dry environments such as heating and cooling for working women.


Two layers of oil in mist, a water serum that tightens the skin and an oil that leads to translucent skin. For girls working outside the office, it prevents makeup and tears due to sweat and sebum, and protects the skin from daytime damage.





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