Awa Hour

Awa hour Fleur Micro Bubble Body Wash Roller Net 沐浴搓澡起泡棒


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awa hour Fleur/ Body Wash Roller Net

Comfortable & Gentle to the Skin: Gently wash your skin with rich lathers while keeping moist. 

Over the hand washing, the net part wraps the whole body whipping the soap on the skin with moderate force adjustment less than towel washing. Because it does not rub your skin more than necessary, you can wash your body while keeping your natural moisture and firmness. 

How to use: Apply an appropriate 1-time amount of facial soap to former nets and work it in a lather. Grab a handle part and roll nets on your skin surface. Do not rub your skin with nets. After cleaning your body with lathers, rinse it off with warm water. Clean and dry the product after using. 

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