AXXZIA AG THEORY AG Drink X 25ml*30pcs 日本晓姿AG THEORY 第十代 AG抗糖饮 X 25ml*30支



The popular series "AG Drink" has made a big leap forward. Formulated with devil nuts, which we arrived at in pursuit of "beauty" . Achieve unprecedented high beauty power. Well, let's unravel the secret...

Devilnuts ...?

In Japan, this black nut is also called devilnut, hishi no mi, tobishi, and rinjao in China. As the name suggests, it looks a bit frightening like a bat or a devil's face, but when you crack open the shell, you'll find a white fruit inside. It has been found that the skin of the fruit has the effect of supporting a moisturized daily life as a beauty ingredient, and it is said that some people in China and other Asian countries eat this fruit for the purpose of beauty. It is a must-see ingredient for those who want to age beautifully. AG DRINK X contains 100mg of this powdered courgette extract per bottle.

Five botanical ingredients that support "beauty" .

Carefully selected naturally derived ingredients * are carefully balanced. In addition, it is nice that it does not use preservatives, coloring agents, and is non-caffeine.

2,000mg (per bottle) fish collagen

Collagen extracted from fish skin and scales. Collagen, which is a type of protein, is difficult to absorb as it is, so it has a low molecular weight and is blended in an amount that can produce a very satisfying effect.

For those who

  • Those who want to care from the inside
  • Those who want to start something for beauty
  • Those who want to easily take in various beauty ingredients
  • Those who want to age beautifully
  • Those who want beauty habits that can be continued without difficulty
  • Those who want intensive care before the big day

How to serve

Store at room temperature in a cool place and shake well before drinking. You can enjoy it more deliciously if you cool it in the refrigerator. It doesn't matter when you drink it, but we recommend one bottle a day first.

Or, if you are concerned about your beauty condition, drink it when you feel like "Here it is!"

Cassis & Pineapple Flavor
The refreshing natural sweetness is accented with the sourness of cassis and pineapple. Depending on how you feel that day, recommend mixing it with carbonated water or milk.

*Made in Japan


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