AXXZIA Beauty Body Moist Care Essence 200ml 晓姿 御颜晶采凝光精华润体乳 200ml


AXXZIA Beauty Body Moist Care Essence

A scent inspired by La France & Pure Honey, which evokes a sensual and mature feel in the juicy freshness of fruit. A body essence that provides luxurious reward care. A new sensation body serum with a thick texture that is ideal for treating heels and knees that tend to dry and harden. Formulated with 5 types of skin-tightening ingredients and 5 types of moisturizing ingredients, it moisturizes the skin while creating a stunningly beautiful body. A low and stable bottle that does not fall over even when pushed, so you can feel stress-free even after taking a bath where you often care for many parts.

How to Use 
After bathing or shower,take an appropriate amount and apply it to the areas of concern on your body.

*Made in Japan

日本直邮】AXXZIA晓姿润体乳200ml - 亚米

日本直邮】AXXZIA晓姿润体乳200ml - 亚米


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