AXXZIA Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Premium Eye Mask 60pcs 晓姿 御颜晶采臻璨御龄4D抗糖眼膜 60片


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AXXZIA Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Premium Eye Mask

A new and improved version of the Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet Mask, with a new 4D mask design covering the eyes in all directions. The 0.3mm high-adhesion ultra-thin sheet fits perfectly from the upper eyelid to the cheek's triangular zone. It uses cotton linter material (100% cotton seeds) that is gentle on the skin and has high water retention.

It contains support ingredients that work on complex problems around the eyes, giving the eyes fresh moisture and firmness. Includes 3 primary mineral ingredients that help reduce wrinkles, balance skin's natural oil and water levels, and antioxidants. 5 Natural plant-based ingredients help reduce skin aging, increase collagen production, recover skin elasticity, highly moisturize and smooth the skin, and brighten the area. 

How to Use

Use once a day in the morning or evening, and twice a day in the morning and evening if you want intensive care.

1. After washing your face and conditioning your skin with lotion, take the masks out one by one with the included tweezers. 

2. Fit it around your eyes, lightly press on it and leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes

3. Peel off the sheet and finish with eye cream.



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