AXXZIA Beauty Force Liquid Lucent Up 晓姿 御颜晶采极光透感粉底液 40g



AXXZIA Beauty Force Liquid Lucent Up

AXXZIA Beauty Force Liquid Lucent UP is a new cream from the AXXZIA new generation foundation line. When applied to the skin, it turns from a liquid cream into a powder that hides all skin imperfections, while looking completely natural. The universal tone (light ocher) lies weightlessly on the skin, giving it shine and radiance with the help of pearl, St. John's wort and thyme extracts.

 It is pleasant to the touch, spreads easily over the skin and reflects light in all directions 360 degrees, creating a three-dimensional effect. Your face will no longer appear as flat as with regular foundation!

Contains unique powdery particles that gently fill pores and wrinkles, smoothing uneven skin. Due to its elasticity and lightness, it does not constrain the facial movements of the face, does not make it sculptural. Your face does not lose vitality, but remains radiant and natural.

Has a mattifying effect, absorbing sebum, which can exfoliate makeup.

How to Use
Take an appropriate amount on your hand and apply it little by little Apply gently and evenly.

*Made in Japan


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