B! FREE+ Squalane Vitamin C Serum 碧妃俪 角鲨烷维C美容精华10ml


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B! FREE+ Squalane Vitamin C Serum

B!FREE+ Squalane Vitamin C Serum is a Japanese vitamin C serum from I.K Co. This non-toxic serum has been specially formulated for sensitive skin prone to irritation and redness. It does not contain parabens, fragrances, silicones, alcohol and dyes. Its unique formula with 99.7% pure squalane and a stable vitamin C derivative (3-O Ethyl ascorbic acid) reduces unsightly dullness, dryness and visible pores. 3-O Ethyl ascorbic acid is the latest derivative of L-ascorbic acid. It is highly stable, resistant to light and temperature, and penetrates deep into the skin to a high degree. In addition, it inhibits the development of bacteria, reduces inflammation, promotes healing, has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. It stimulates collagen synthesis, improves skin elasticity and reduces fine wrinkles. Illuminates, brightens various discolorations and unifies skin tone. Strengthens blood vessels and increases the density of the dermis. Squalane has smoothing and moisturizing properties, helps to transfer active substances into the skin. It provides softness, elasticity and protects against water evaporation from the inside of the skin and against oxidation and free radicals.


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