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Balloon Tote Lunch Bag (Melody) 三丽鸥 气球午餐包 (美乐蒂)


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Balloon Tote Lunch Bag

A very popular large-capacity bag with a cute pattern. It can be used as a shopping bag or as a storage bag for commuting to work or school. A tote bag that is easy to use for various purposes such as gym, outdoor bag, or hot spring bag.
  • Magnetic Snap Button
  • Inside: 2 open pockets & 1 zipper pocket

Size:Width 38 cm x Height 24.5 cm x Depth 12 cm, Handle height 17 cm


*Made in China

三丽鸥 气球午餐包

带有可爱图案的大容量包。 可用作购物袋,也可以用作工作或上学通勤的储物袋。 健身包、户外包、温泉包等各种用途都可以轻松使用的托特包。

  • 磁铁按扣
  • 内部:2 个开放式口袋和 1 个拉链口袋

尺寸:宽 38 cm x 高 24.5 cm x 深 12 cm,手柄高 17 cm





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