Bambi Water Gold Slimming Gold Dust 200ml


An enzyme yeast tightening massage lotion for upper arm or lower part of the body, ing derived from a fruit extract plant. Bambi water is mainly used for legs, but it can also be used for body.


  • Consist of slimming ingredients, producing the thermal effects which would directly working on the surplus fat
  • Contains gilt for smoothing the troubled skin dry skin
  • Abundant hyaluronic Acid and various types of collagen, moisture is “eloquently” absorbed in the deep pores of the skin.
  • Usable for concerning areas of legs, belly, arms, and its effects are quickly felt with its thermal “wake” and its sensations.

How To Use: Just use an appropriate amount on the area concerned. 

Warning: Do not apply to damaged, broken or inflamed areas of the skin. Stop using if itching, redness or sensitivity occurs. If the product gets in your eyes, do not rub and rinse with clean water immediately. Avoid high temperature and high humidity. Apply very small amount only. This lotion is really hot when applied on skin. Shake before use.


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