Banila Co

BANILA CO Clean It Zero Revitalizing 100ml 致柔卸妆膏


1. All-in-one Cleansing & First step skincare.
- Simplify both your cleansing and skin care routine with Banila co's signature sherbet cleansing balm.
-Not only you do not have to double cleanse your face, but also first step skin care with the benefits of exfoliation, tightening pores and softening skin.

2. Draw out impurities from the pores perfectly.
- Papaya extract melts into skin mildly and remove heavy makeup and impurities without irritation to keep pores clean.


Suggested Use

1. Take an appropriate amount using the included spatula. 
2. Massage it over dry skin in gentle, circular motions. 
3. Wash off with lukewarm water. 


GOOD FOR SENSITIVE SKIN, formulated with non allergy fragrance and natural ingredients 



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