BATHCLIN Bath Salt [Relaxing Flower Scent] 480G


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● With awakening warmth, 
active ingredients enhance the effect of warmth bathing, promote circulation, improve metabolism, and prevent coldness and fatigue. 
● Fermented beauty ingredients and evening primrose oil, golden jojoba oil, makes skin moist. 
● With ginger mix (Ginger powder, carbonic acid + ginger) 
● Powder type 
● Aroma of relaxing flower
● Hot water color: Relaxing white color

Cooling, fatigue recovery, roughness, stiff neck, backache, neuralgia, Acne, heat, cold, burn, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, sputum, fever, postpartum cold 

Please put in a ratio of about 40 g in a bath of hot water (200 L). As powder may remain in the bottom, please dissolve while stirring well. Please use the outer cap (about 40 g of the inner line) for measurement. 

480 g (about 12 times) 

<Active ingredient> 
Ginseng powder, dry sodium sulfate, Na bicarbonate, Na carbonate 
<Other ingredients> 
DL-malic acid, Ti oxide, dextrin, PEG (400) L-Glutamic acid sodium extract, natto extract, natto extract, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, PEG stearic acid, PEG (120), sorbitan oleate, POE oleic acid (20) sorbitan, anhydrous silicic acid, soap base, absolute ethanol , Mg oxide, perfume, viscosity modifier 

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