Bathclin Kutsurogi no Yado Bath Salt Moist 600g


Nature-inspired bath salts that will make you feel as if you’ve been transported to an open-air bath or a hot spring resort. Flower-scented salts leave acne-ridden skin feeling moistened and silky.

To use, dissolve roughly 20g of bath salts in 200L of hot water, making sure to stir thoroughly.


Other features: 

  • A silky bath with a feeling of relaxation as well.
  • Feeling of the flower scent. 
  • Moistened feel like wearing silk even after bathing.
  • Dense hot water is not only for the body but also for the feeling.
  • A scent of flowers reminiscent of a hot spring resort.
  • For rough skin, acne and skinny with sodium bicarbonate and dry sodium sulfate.



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