BATHCLIN Meito Series Noboribetsu-Karurusu Bath Salt 巴斯克林 北海道登别温泉型美肌护肤浴盐 450g


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BATHCLIN Meito Series Noboribetsu-Karurusu Bath Salt

The Nihon no Meito bath salts contain components that are carefully selected by analyzing the actual water of famous Onsen hot springs in Japan and beautifully recreate their Onsen water. Once they are put into a bathtub of hot water, its watercolor turns milky white.

Incidentally, the real hot spring bathwater of Noboribetsu Karurusu Onsen is transparent and clear, and the brand logo of the Nihon no Meito series “日本の名湯” was written by a famous Japanese calligrapher “Souun Takeda (武田双雲)”.


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