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Bb Laboratories PH Massage Cream Pro EX Placenta Enriched 日本Bb按摩膏PH Massage Gel Pro新款粉色胎盘素按摩膏270g

  • First developed as a facial treatment, PH Massage Gel Pro. has now been refined for use on aging skin. This high-quality facial massage cream is made from a luxurious mix of placenta extract and other beauty ingredients. Gently wraps itself around the skin, granting suppleness. The cream can simply be rinsed off, and leaves a lasting sense of moisture.

  • [Size] 270 g x 1 pc

  • [Effective ingredients] Placenta: Anti-aging, makes your skin youthful. Lavender oil: Soothing and calming. Chamomile oil: Calming and relaxing.

  • [Direction] After washing the face and applying lotion, take a suitable amount of cream in the hand, and use both palms to spread it across the whole face and the neck, before slowly and gently massaging it into the skin in downward and outward circular motions using the tips of the fingers. (For around 5-10 minutes)

  • - Next, wipe off the cream using a wet wipe or by dabbing gently with tissue paper, and then rinse using warm water.

  • - After using the massage cream, complete your skincare routine with essence, cream, etc.

  • 对抗年龄肌肤 打造细致肌理的华丽肌肤


    海藻提取物 舒缓肌肤不适 淡化斑点痘印

    促进女性荷!尔!蒙!的生成 让肌肤光滑细嫩有光泽

    胎盘素可增加细胞生命力,帮助细胞再生 防渗身体机能老化 静消肌肤 恢复正常xin陈代谢功能

  • 修补疤痕 嫩白肌肤 预~防黑!眼!圈、眼袋、鱼尾纹,坚持使用,可以发排除垃圾 有效的减少闭口粉刺痘痘的生长概率,去黑头 改~善毛孔问题肌肤健康自然有光泽


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