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Bb Laboratories PH Massage Gel Pro 日本Bb盘按摩膏 300g

  • Massage to care for various skin problems
  • "Placenta concentrated gel" of rich texture which renews gel image has evolved into massage. With a pleasant massage, it is an excellent one that Loosens the muscles of your face that is stiffened with everyday stress. Care for various skin problems with massage. A new massage gel for the esthetic course of "undiluted beauty". You can feel "speedy beauty" with a sense of speed! Also, The skin relaxed & reset by massage will accept "undiluted beauty" more smoothly.
  • 【商品说明】



    通过按摩,可以让每天紧绷,充满压力的面部肌肉放松, 进而解决各种肌肤问题。让肌肤达到充分放松的,归零的健康状态。这款按摩膏粉红色的膏体泛着光泽 非常的丝滑 延展性非常好,容易推开 按摩膏能被肌肤瞬间吸收 ..之后形成一层油亮的保护膜但绝非是涂抹按摩油的那种油腻 。See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source image


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