BCL AHA Cleansing Refresh Body Peel Soap C Fresh Citrus 日本BCL AHA柔肤透亮沐浴乳 480ml


BCL AHA Cleansing Refresh Body Peel Soap C Fresh Citrus

Exfoliating ingredients (AHA malic acid) are added to cleanse old dead skin cells and excess sebum, especially on the back, arms, elbows, lower buttocks and other places where dead skin cells tend to accumulate. It can also be easily washed to create translucent and beautiful skin.

Add malic acid, tea tree leaf oil, white clay, citrus extracts, persimmon fruit extracts, and tea extracts to adjust skin texture and make it soft and not dry after washing. In addition, double-vitamin C (1) is added in increments to cleanse and smooth the skin.

  • ((1)Compared with AHA Softening Cleansing Body Wash of the same series)
  • Using botanical cleansing ingredients, it easily produces a mild and rich foam.
  • No added coloring, mineral oil, alcohol, Paraben preservatives.
  • Refreshing citrus aroma.

How to Use

Take an appropriate amount (approximately pressing 2~3 times) on the foaming net or bath sponge, clean the body after sufficient foaming, and then wash off with warm water.

*Made in Japan













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