BCL AHA Cleansing Research Whip Cleansing b 日本BCL AHA果酸苹果泡沫洗面奶 (深层清洁型) 150ml


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BCL AHA Cleansing Research Whip Cleansing b

3 uses in 1 item! Makeup remover + face wash + skincare

The dense lather containing AHA (fruit acid) cleans away makeup, dirt and old skin at the same time!

This can be used as a makeup remover and face wash at night, and a time-saving face wash in the morning!

Skincare containing AHA that is easy to do at home everyday - Cleansing Research
This brings you fresh skin just like you've been to the beauty salon.

  • Contains fruit acids (skincare ingredients)
  • made using 100% plant cleaning ingredients
  • no colorings, alcohol-free, no mineral oils

With a fresh apple fragrance.


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